Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Dear Invisible Readers,

Well, I might as well clue you in on my plans for the future of the weblog. First of all, I plan to continue to use WordPress software to edit Hacking the Human, but I will be moving all of the articles and stuff to a better webhost. That way I can pay cash to keep my useless content online like everyone else. Woohoo! Anyway, this decision of mine brings in some bad news as well as some good. The bad news is that I will not update HackHuman for what could be a pretty long time. In fact, until I get everything moved, I’ll probably never update it. Not like you care or anything, but I just thought I’d point that out. The good news, however, is that with these arrangements I can design a brand-spanking-new, customized layout—so say goodbye to this dull purple one! I will also start posting new articles, making videos, and maybe a podcast. Oh yeah, and you can count on some advertising, twittering, link sharing and that other stuff you blogger folk do. Oh, and before I forget, I’ve decided I will no longer use HackHuman as an online diary anymore. No more posts about horses or gratuations, just social engineering stuff from now on. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the old posts on this host, but who cares? They sucked.

Well, I guess that’s all that needs to be said. So if you happen to be reading this, feel free to send me an email telling me to hurry the hell up with it. That might motivate me or something. So until then, goodbye my invisible readers.

Much Love,


The Earth Says Hello

Good morning Starshine, the Earth says…



Today I was officially recognized as a High School graduate. My mom done a rather good job of putting together a neat “Black and White” themed celebration to honor my early completion of 12th grade. That’s right, I finished school when I was only sixteen years old. But anyway, I dressed in the usual suit and hat-with-tassel grab and sat in front of a group of about 20 people—mainly my family and my mom’s friends—while I was presented with a diploma. Some people then gave speeches, and even though they were a bit melodramatic at times, they were still meaningful. And when all that was said and done, we moved onto the fun part: Eating. I had ribeye steak with chocolate cake on the side, along with potatoes, chips, corn and other good stuff. I also got to open cards and racked up a total of almost $400 in cash. Thanks everybody =D. Oh, and my parents are going to get my a brand new laptop, too. I want an Alienware, but we’re still negotiating some technical aspects of this agreement.

All-in-all, it was a very good day.


Even though I have only been awake for about 2 hours—I woke up at around one in the afternoon—this day has already been pretty exciting. After I had finished my usual morning routine, I looked out of my window and to my surprise there were two rather large horses drinking from the pond in my backyard. Needless to say I was very surprised. Well, my first thought was that Rick—this pretty cool 80-year old doctor who lives right beside me—had forgotten to turn on the electric fence to his horse stall. “The old man’s finally lost it.” I told myself as I threw on some clothes, grabbed a camera, and started walking to his house.

When I opened my back door, however, I noticed that the horses were no longer at my pond. Instead, they had made their way to Rick’s yard and he was standing outside looking at them. I snapped a few pictures and went to talk to Rick. He asked me if I knew who these horses belonged to, and I told him I didn’t know. So I guess they weren’t his after all. The two of us talked for a bit longer, and we agreed that we should just leave them alone because somebody would look for them eventually. I thought about calling animal control anyway, but decided against it. 


After leaving Rick’s place, I noticed the two animals had made their way down the road, so I followed them a short distance while simultaneously taking pictures. Probably less than a minute later, I started to get bored so I turned around and headed home. I would have followed them longer, but I really wanted to write about my little adventure in this blog.

But that wasn’t the end of it…

Not even a minute later, when I was back inside my room, I looked out the window again only to find the same horses were BACK in Rick’s yard. The only difference was that Tonya—one of my neighbors who babysits pretty much all the time—had brought her little kiddies up to look at the potentially ravage beasts. I thought that was kinda interesting. 

Horse and People

Other than that, my day has been pretty typical. I went to McDonalds, but that’s about it. Oh, and sorry this post doesn’t have anything to do with social engineering. I’ll try to keep off-topic entires to a minimum, but I couldn’t help but post this one. After all, it’s not every day that you wake up only to find horses drinking out of your pond. Until next time, this is Sebastian signing off.

KKK Mart

KKK Mart

Today I went to KKK-Mart while my Mom and Grandma shopped at some boring shoe place. I didn’t think I would get to stay that long, so my main plan was to focus on understanding the layout of the store; I walked around for quite a bit, trying to figure out where every security camera was hidden while simultaneously taking mental notes of the primary gathering places of employees. But this was mainly just a fun—albeit needless—precaution. What I really wanted to know was the location of every in-store “Employee Use Only” phone. Why? Because with access to one of these telephones, you have complete control over the store’s overhead intercom system and you can also talk to the people who call customer service.

Eventually, I found two phones tucked away in remote locations. They looked like they had never been used, and there weren’t any security cameras nearby. Likewise, one of the phones was really close to a sporting/camping goods section, and the other was near a men’s underwear aisle. This made it even easier for me, because I wouldn’t look suspicious being close to those kinds of items. Imagine if the only good phone I found was close to a bunch of bras or something. Now that would look strange indeed.

So what diabolical thing did I do considering the power at my disposal?

Well, you see, that’s the problem. I guess I was feeling a little too nervous today, because I just couldn’t convince myself to even pick up the darn handset! I really don’t know why—I mean, I’ve done some pretty dumb stuff before—but I guess I simply wasn’t expecting my mom and grandma to be gone long enough for me to have this kind of opportunity. So I kinda blew it.

However, I didn’t leave the store empty handed. After a while of chickening out, I decided it would be sort of funny to press the “Intercom” button—which makes a fairly loud buzzing noise—and stand close by watching employees try to find the problem. That would have worked, except for the fact that workers would just walk straight by the phone without even noticing anything was wrong! How could they not realize that kind of noise wasn’t normal?

Thinking back on it now, if the folks who work at Kmart are that stupid, I probably could have gotten away with what I had planned to do. But whatever. At least I got to listen to their “shoplifter detection” system screw up. Every now and then, sirens would blast from above, even though nobody was stealing anything. Epic fail. Anyway, I’ll probably go back there in like a week or two and actually try something interesting.

Until next time, this is Sebastian signing off.

Wedding Engineers

Wedding Crashers

I never imagined I would begin my blog with a sub-par post like this, but whatever.

Today I was visiting my friend Cody, and even though he doesn’t have the Internet—because everyone knows the Internet is just a fad—it was still pretty fun. We ended up playing his Wii and watching about three movies. Two of them sucked, but I kinda liked this one called “Wedding Crashers”. Yeah, it’s been out forever, and I’ve also watched it before today, but I’ve never really payed attention to it until now. For those of you who have never seen the movie, it’s basically about these two guys that go to weddings with one intention: to sleep with the ladies. Anyway, what’s so cool about the Crashers is that they have their own set of rules they’re suppose to follow by, and these rules allow them to achieve their goal.

It’s actually a lot like social engineering.

No, they didn’t try to get any secret passwords so that they could hack their way into the Pentagon’s computers, nor did they pretend to be with the Corporate Office of McDonalds so they could get a free cheeseburger. But by using ever-so-subtle techniques, they managed to fool not just the women they slept with, but everybody in the whole entire wedding. They simply acted like they were where they belonged—they didn’t have to use any verbal form of persuasion—and by doing so none of the true guests questioned their integrity. By playing the part, they tricked an entire room full of people into tricking themselves, and that is social engineering in its most pure level.

So where am I going with this post?

Well, I really just wanted to give the readers of this blog a chance to understand that social engineering isn’t very well-defined, but at the same time it doesn’t have to be. Just because somebody acts like they’re the best thing sense Frank Abagnale doesn’t make them any less of a script kiddy. And remember that guy who sits alone in the back of the classroom? He probably has every phone number on Paris Hilton’s sidekick by now. Social Engineering—like all forms of hacking—is an art and the true masters of this art are not the ones sitting in the principle’s office or the police station because they got caught telling a lie to somebody. And they also aren’t the ones that got away with lying. To learn how to hack the human takes time, effort, and a love of the practice.

And just have fun with what you do.


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Hacking the Human is officially up and going. This unique little blog is a work-in-progress that will hopefully continue to grow and evolve into a large collection of social engineering articles, podcasts, videos, and other material. In time, we hope to accumulate an active community that will help with these projects—which will not only insure some interesting activity, but will also save me from having to do all the work myself.

But those are all long-term goals. At this moment, you can pretty much just explore the site and see what we’re up to. You should be able to find a few biographies of some of my friends and heros that you can read, and I’m working on a few text-based games that will require social engineering. Also, a prank call archive is being built, so you should check that out while you’re here. Just look around and you’ll certainly find something you like, or you can email us suggestions and we’ll probably add something you like! Now go mess around.