Good Guys


Sebastian — The self-proclaimed most awesome h4xZ0r in the universe. Sebastian is in charge of updating the site, and is the proud voice actor of many different characters including Clyde Bradley, Lord Nintendo and a lot more. He can typically be found in his room harassing the fools who dare to call him. Email.


Lucus — A black-belt in Tae Kwon Do and also the mastermind behind the “Dick Pickle” calls, Lucus strikes fear into the hearts of Hooters restaurants around the world. He spends his time doing martial arts, going to movies and wasting way to much money playing crappy online games. Email.


Kasey — Don’t let his age fool you, Kasey may just be the Luke Skywalker of social engineering. And while the art of pranking may be relatively new to him, he really pulls through in the end. Also, his squeaky voice is perfect when we need a “woman” to call somebody. He doesn’t have an email, but if he did I’m sure he would love to hear from you. 🙂


Cody — Best describe as a video game junkie, Cody can almost always be found playing with his Wii—lotion bottle in-hand. He is best known for his “Fried Rice and Chicken” skit where he calls up unsuspecting people and, while adorning his best Asian accent, asks them to buy some—you guessed it—fried rice and chicken. I don’t know his email, so here’s his MySpace

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