Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Dear Invisible Readers,

Well, I might as well clue you in on my plans for the future of the weblog. First of all, I plan to continue to use WordPress software to edit Hacking the Human, but I will be moving all of the articles and stuff to a better webhost. That way I can pay cash to keep my useless content online like everyone else. Woohoo! Anyway, this decision of mine brings in some bad news as well as some good. The bad news is that I will not update HackHuman for what could be a pretty long time. In fact, until I get everything moved, I’ll probably never update it. Not like you care or anything, but I just thought I’d point that out. The good news, however, is that with these arrangements I can design a brand-spanking-new, customized layout—so say goodbye to this dull purple one! I will also start posting new articles, making videos, and maybe a podcast. Oh yeah, and you can count on some advertising, twittering, link sharing and that other stuff you blogger folk do. Oh, and before I forget, I’ve decided I will no longer use HackHuman as an online diary anymore. No more posts about horses or gratuations, just social engineering stuff from now on. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the old posts on this host, but who cares? They sucked.

Well, I guess that’s all that needs to be said. So if you happen to be reading this, feel free to send me an email telling me to hurry the hell up with it. That might motivate me or something. So until then, goodbye my invisible readers.

Much Love,




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Hacking the Human is officially up and going. This unique little blog is a work-in-progress that will hopefully continue to grow and evolve into a large collection of social engineering articles, podcasts, videos, and other material. In time, we hope to accumulate an active community that will help with these projects—which will not only insure some interesting activity, but will also save me from having to do all the work myself.

But those are all long-term goals. At this moment, you can pretty much just explore the site and see what we’re up to. You should be able to find a few biographies of some of my friends and heros that you can read, and I’m working on a few text-based games that will require social engineering. Also, a prank call archive is being built, so you should check that out while you’re here. Just look around and you’ll certainly find something you like, or you can email us suggestions and we’ll probably add something you like! Now go mess around.