Prank Call Archive

Prank Phone Calls – Probably one of the most interesting things you will find on Hacking the Human is our collection of prank phone calls. Here you can listen to our light-hearted attempts at amusing ourselves with some quirky conversations. Basically, if you’ve ever wanted to hear a man named “Dick Pickle” call up a Hooters and ask for topless service, this is the right place for you…

Internet Antics – If you haven’t already noticed, the Internet is pretty much an overrun madhouse as it is. With so many dead hyperlinks, porn sites and scams, it’s a wonder that anybody travels silicon valley anymore. So why would I actually try to make it worse? Why, to make it better of course. Better for me, that is. =D

Real Life Stuff Engineering Planet Earth – See, I actually do get out of my room every once in a while. That’s why I’ve decided to start a page about my adventures in the real world—you know, that thing where you actually get to see the person you’re talking to? Anyway, if you want to watch me haXz0r the Earth by fooling with the people who live there—kinda like Al Gore did with global warming—click above.


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