Phone Calls

Wedding Crashers

Probably one of the best parts of being a social engineer—and just a geek in general—is that you don’t have to work fifteen years before you’re allowed to take the title “Roy from the corporate office”. Below you will find an ever-growing list of some of the best prank calls Hacking the Human’s team has made to houses, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses during our lives. Enjoy:


Restaurant Calls:

Dick Pickle Calls McDonalds: My friend Lucus makes this call after finding a number in the phonebook listed under the name “Richard Pickle”. We tried to call Richard (aka: Dick) but his phone was disconnect (probably from the massive amount of prank calls he received). That’s when we decided that we would take the name Dick Pickle for ourselves, and the rest is history.

I Am Ronald McDonald: I call up a McDonalds with Chinese workers and pretend to be Ronald McDonald, the guy who invented and owns their restaurant. And the really wacky part is that they seem to believe me!

Dick Pickle Calls Hooters: Possibly the greatest Hooters prank call ever made. Lucus pretends to be Dick Pickle again and calls up a Hooters to ask how the restaurant got its name. He even asks if he could pay for the waitress to serve him topless. She eventually refuses to talk to him and some boring man gets on the phone right as my cell dies. Oh well.

What Is Your Name?: Kasey calls a McDonalds and immediately asks for the employee’s name. The guy seems really offended by it, too.


Random House Calls:

The Clyde Bradley Saga [1] [2] [3]: Clyde Bradley is at a payphone and wants to make a collect call to New York and bill charges to this random person we found in the phonebook. Little did he know that the woman would be a complete bitch about the whole thing. This one was just too fun, so “Clyde” called back multiple times. Click on 1, 2, and then 3 to listen to all the clips.


Business/Company Calls:

Lord Nintendo: The owner of one of the biggest video game corporations isn’t too happy to learn that Sony Entertainment is taking all of it’s customers, so he calls up Sony to give them a piece of his royal mind. I play Lord Nintendo in this call.


*To download and save these files to your computer, right-click any title and choose “Save file as…” from the drop down menu. This can be especially helpful if you are having trouble playing these clips in-browser.


One Response to “Phone Calls”

  1. Lucus Says:

    Hello, I’m the dude in the Dick Pickle calls. Great job on this, love it. Keep up the awesome pranks.

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